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WHAT AM IA French pleat-inspired insulated tote bag fastened by drawstring — effective at maintaining the temperature of foods for safer, healthier and fresher consumption while retaining the original flavours of your everyday meals. Choose to treat the environment with kindness; savor the litt..
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WHAT AM IA pump designed for our serum booster to dispense product.WHY PICK MEIt is optional use with higher-viscosity Ruruberry products. Suitable for any of our 30ml glass bottle formats.HOW TO USE Step 1: Remove serum dropper from bottle. Step 2: Insert and screw on ser..
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Sketchbook Sketchbook
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WHAT AM IA simple Ruruberry style of sketchbook for you to observe, imagine, sketch, record, and draw your world.WHY PICK MEA classic of Ruruberry – made using quality sketch-grade paper that supports a variety of artistic media and stands up to eraser use. It is also suitable for everyone to us..
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Tote Bag Tote Bag
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WHAT AM IMeet your sturdy & heavy duty tote bag, bring it along to hang with friends, to gym or even grocery shopping.WHY PICK MERuruberry’s signature – unsophisticated, simplistic designs, suitable for everyone to bring along. Added features like zip closure and an inner pocket to keep your p..
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