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2% BHA Solution

2% BHA Solution
2% BHA Solution
2% BHA Solution
2% BHA Solution
2% BHA Solution
2% BHA Solution
2% BHA Solution
2% BHA Solution
2% BHA Solution
2% BHA Solution
2% BHA Solution
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A non-abrasive, pore-clarifying serum that intensively exfoliates and removes acne-, blackhead- and whitehead-causing buildup from deep within to significantly refine the health and appearance of congested skin for a clearer, more uniform complexion.


Salicylic Acid is the strongest, most common beta hydroxy acid (BHA) hailed for its extensive exfoliating abilities on both the skin surface as well as the pore lining; that acts as a desmolytic agent, loosening and breaking the attachment between cells, to stimulate the formation of new cells while urging the shedding of spent ones for a healthier turnover. 

Being fat-soluble, keratolytic and anti-inflammatory; Salicylic Acid is able to reach deeper into the lipid layers, passing through sebum and sebaceous follicles more readily, to gently soften and evenly dissolve any impurities, including excess oil or dead skin accumulation, trapped inside the pores – and prevent future clogs or blockages from developing – while also reducing skin redness and swelling. 

Counterbalancing the potentially drying effects; skin-conditioning Hydrolyzed Soy Protein, which can increase the skin’s natural water-holding capacity, and barrier-boosting Beta-Glucan, which has 20% more plumping power than hyaluronic acid of the same concentration, are incorporated to help lock hydration in and prevent moisture loss. In addition, multi-functional Fucogel® is also combined to provide total comfort and shield against irritation.  


Salicylic Acid [2%]
Hydrolyzed Soy Protein
Beta-Glucan (100% bio-sourced, derived from oat)
Fucogel® (Biosaccharide Gum-1)

*All trademarks belong to their respective owners. Fucogel® is the trademark of Solabia Group. Neither Ruruberry Sdn. Bhd. or RuRuBERRY is affiliated with the trademark owners.


- All skin types, even bumpy skin disposed to milia. 
- Anyone wishing to noticeably improve the tone and texture of stressed, blemish-prone skin while reducing the visibility, frequency and severity of flare-ups or breakouts. 


This salicylic serum contains beta hydroxy acid that may heighten your skin’s sensitivity the sun and risk the possibility of sunburn, which is why it would serve more appropriate as part of your nighttime routine. Start slow (about once a week) to gradually build up tolerance before increasing the usage, and limit sun exposure while using this product.  

The first few uses might also cause slight facial redness, mild burning/warming or occasional stinging/tingling sensation on or around the site of application, but these should diminish after several uses as directed. Avoid mixing salicylic acid with products containing retinol, benzoyl peroxide and various chemical or physical exfoliants at the same time to decrease the possibility of irritating or over-drying the skin. 


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